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Design Process
Are you looking for a magnificent backyard pool, outdoor kitchen, or landscape design in Jacksonville, FL?  The team at CORE Outdoors is here for you.  Read more about our design process.

Design Phase
Let the magic happen!  We will develop and unbelievable design that will transform your space from a backyard into a stunning outdoor living room.  The drawings will incorporate all the elements from your Wish List and be drawn to scale.

The advantage of CORE is that, in addition to being a design firm, we are licensed contractors.  We will handle every aspect of the installation of your design.

Why should you have CORE Outdoors administrate the installation of your project?  Simply put, the inspiration that creates a design cannot be totally transmitted on paper.  Landscape design is not an exact science; it is an art.  To capture this inspiration, there must be an ongoing sensitivity to details and the design concept.  This is a crucial stage in the process, as the fine details of an installation can make the difference between an average design and a great design.  CORE Outdoors project administration assures attention to artistic detail, quality craftsmanship in landscape construction, and the final expression of the landscape designer’s original vision.